Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Its here!

Finally i have my new passion blog it will have no school stuff. i will insert the link to my new blog below i hope you like it :)

Harry Potter Passion Blog    

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  1.   ahqiang4 Says:

    Hello the boy who live

  2.   Rachel Says:

    Hey! My name is Rachel, and I’m in 8th grade in Nebraksa, in the United States. Where are you from? It sounds like you really like Harry Potter! I like the books and movies too. Visit my blog and comment back!

  3.   matthew Says:

    hey. im matthew and im from the US. i also really like harry potter and cant wait till the last movie comes out!!! plz check out my blog http://[email protected]

  4.   callmewillzz Says:

    Whats Life without Harry!!?!!!

  5.   Lily Says:

    hello realy cool blog u got here . Want to see mine?
    If u do then go onto this website.

    Hope you will come ,
    c ya, from Lily

  6.   jaydenpro Says:

    Hi my name Is jayden I just found your blog and I wanted to say what a cool bloog you have

  7.   Ethergrl Says:

    Hey! I LOVE the H.P! I’ve seen all the movies and am looking forward to Deathly Hallows part 2! YAAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! I’ll give you my blog adress here it is: ethergrl.edublogs.org
    Totally chek it out! You rock!

  8.   Scottviewlands Says:

    Wow your blogs is AWESOME i think im going to leave a link to it on my blog but heres the link to my blog if you want to check it out. http://scottviewlands.edublogs.org/ hope you like it. P.S. your blogs is still AWESOME!!!

  9.   Siddy Says:

    Hi I am Siddarath from New Zealand.I go to papatoetoe west school.I like your blog :D :)

  10.   Jorgia Says:

    Hay my name is Jorgia and i go to Cooinda in WA i dont like Harry Potter it kinda scares me lol but your blog is awesome i am friends with Linol ohhhh and i would love to invite you to check out my blog on http://jorgiaroom10cps.edublogs.org/ soooo yeahhh how old are you and what year ????

  11.   oliviaq15 Says:

    I love Harry Potter!! Please will you visit my blog?? maybe comment?

  12.   lola234 Says:

    I like Harry Pater two we are like you know what not like that ok.

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