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Harry Potter

Harry Potter 7 (epic)

Harry potter 7 is going to be epic as, I’ve seen both  official trailers and I’m defenatly watching it fist thing. fo4r the people who don’t know or haven’t seen the trailers, or read the book, the only thing I’m going to tell you is that at the start of the first part, all harries friends turn into harry as fakes, so the death eaters don’t know witch one is him… have an awsome time watching it and eat lots of popcorn while watching lol :) harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-I-movie-poster[1]

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  1.   Amber Says:

    It looks heaps good cant wait to see it :D , And it is awesome how you can play the theme song on keyboard(:

  2.   Adelaide Dupont Says:

    I remember in the book when they all turned into Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling wrote that scene well.

  3.   brooke Says:

    I really like the picture and how everything is set out and also the punctuation is really good.

  4.   jacqueline110gs Says:

    I also love Harry Potter though my blog isn’t all HP but I do have a page about him!

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  5.   McRobert Says:

    Harry potter 7 was awesome, everyone should go see it. It leads up to the big finale!!!!! Harry potter is probably my favourite book and movie. Can’t wait for part 2 to come out, i’ll hopefully be able to go see it on the first day it comes out!!!!! :-)

  6.   Alexandra Says:

    Hey Aaron!

    Love the blog! I really love Harry Potter! Best movie ever!

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  7.   Amelia Says:

    Hey Aaron,
    Yeah, Harry Potter 7 does look heaps prime.
    I’m going to watch it soon :D
    You should post the trailer.

  8.   Michaela B Says:

    This seems to be a good thing to watch, I am not the HP type but i could try you have encouraged me!
    I also wanted to know whatt is the 3 headed dog/(h**l hounds name)?
    Check out my blog! xD

  9.   jacob Says:

    I havent seen this movie yet but it does look very good. I have seen all the past movies and loved them all. This one looks just as good as the other ones or better.

  10.   darthvadersj Says:

    I have not seen it yet but I am planning to buy it on DVD and collect all the Harry Potter series.

  11.   emilypro Says:

    Hey, I really like your “passion blog”. I haven’t seen the 7th movie, but I’ve read all the books and I’m really excited to se tho new movies.Don’t you notice that the movies leave out a lot of detail and is sometimes different from the book? For example: in the 3rd movie they don’t include the part where Sirius Black Tries to stab Ron ( Ron’s rat, actuallly) while he’s sleeping… I find that part quite important.Anyway… I really enjoy your blog-keep me posted for news about Part 2! You should check out my blog- http://emilypro.edublogs.org/ ——-EmiLy

  12.   LOGAN Says:

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  13.   phongnguyen Says:

    I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan but, the plot in this movie seems intriguing.

  14.   kristinediez Says:

    Harry Potter 7 was interesting!

  15.   hanzofinest Says:

    Hey have you ever wonder what life would be like if you could live in the world of Harry Potter :D

  16.   Aidan Says:

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  17.   jane0018 Says:

    harry also my favorite. Love the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  18.   justin24beiber Says:

    i liked it:)because you have so much like for harrypotter and i can tell i like your blog:)

  19.   justin24beiber Says:

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  20.   star23 Says:

    i like your blog it has nice pictures but you should add more and check your spelling.i hope that you had fun seeing the movie. you should check my blog somethime http://star23.edublogs.org.

  21.   burgerhill512 Says:

    I like what you wrote about Harry Potter. It made me want to go see the movie.

  22.   doglover99 Says:

    Hello very good post. I am myself a harry potter fan too. Have you seen part 2 yet it was very good. Very enjoyable. I saw it when i was visiting australia. Harry potter rules!

  23.   Aaron Says:

    Hey I like your blog, especially the animated .gifs of wizards and pictures of Harry Potter littered all around the place. I love the fact that you are so excited about a movie that came out about a year ago. In case you haven’t watched it, Dumbledore dies. I wonder who your English teacher is? Your grammar, spelling and punctuation is impeccable like your words of wisdom “fo4r the people who don’t know or haven’t seen the trailers, or read the book, the only thing I’m going to tell you is that at the start of the first part, all harries friends turn into harry as fakes, so the death eaters don’t know witch one is him…” gotta love that part.

  24.   KASSY Says:

    that going to be the boom and ive not read the books but seen the movie and im starting to read the books soon.My sisster is in love with Harry Potter and we are going to start to buy the movies because we all ready have the boooks

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