Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Its here!

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Finally i have my new passion blog it will have no school stuff. i will insert the link to my new blog below i hope you like it :)

Harry Potter Passion Blog    

Passion blog

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yay soon I’m getting a blog, obviously about harry potter, that wont have any school stuff in it, it will be a blog on only harry potter and his adventures and it will have pics and movies. :) hope you enjoy my new blog.

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Harry Potter 7 (epic)

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Harry potter 7 is going to be epic as, I’ve seen both  official trailers and I’m defenatly watching it fist thing. fo4r the people who don’t know or haven’t seen the trailers, or read the book, the only thing I’m going to tell you is that at the start of the first part, all harries friends turn into harry as fakes, so the death eaters don’t know witch one is him… have an awsome time watching it and eat lots of popcorn while watching lol :) harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-I-movie-poster[1]

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search engines

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Harry Potter

Search engines Key words Hits
Google Harry potter 126,000,000
AltaVista Harry potter 413,000,000
bing Harry potter 73,200,000 
vadlo Harry potter 62
Ask.com Harry potter 16,700,000


Google only gives you a little of

My Choices!

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In term 3 it clases have to choose something that has to be completed by end of term.

I chose Take A Risk in this we had to choose 3 choices i chose:

storybook because i like to write stories and im currently writing a novel,

christmas dance animation  for pivot

and scratch game :)

parent teacher!

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unfortunatly my parents didnt go to parent teacher (whitch for me is sorta good) because they were busy. if my parents did go this is a list of stuff ui think my teacher would have said:

my teacher would say that im noisy,


sometimes i dont follow instructions the first time and lots more but i dont want to go into detail :)


thanks,aaron blog author

Happy Wheels

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Hey, this is the most funniest game Ive ever played. you can choose out of 4 characters, and you can choose a track to play. its not a race its just a track you’ve got to complete without killing yourself. i hope you enjoy this game. www.jerkface.comthat’s were you will find happy wheels.


Aaron blog author.

glogster (meeeee)

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cars and friendship

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The past few weeks, my class and our skills for life class have been watching cars the movie.

in those few weeks we descover how lightning mcqueen the famous race car dosent have any friends but has a lot of fans, our classes talked about how lightning mcqueen  goes to radiator springs and shows off to the other cars but then is attracted to one of the townsfolk sally.

he thens becomes friends with all the towns folk and becomes more friendly, he3 also has more feelings at this point of the film.

he then leaves radiator springs ,after fixing the road he destroyed, because hudsen hornet (dock) told the press and they came to radiator springs to take him away.

then in the big race he finds that his freinds turned up to the event to watch him drive, but before he  finished the race the the champ crashed, feeling sorry lightning mcqueen turned around and helped the champ. mcqueen pushed the champ to the finish line and said ‘ we  dont want he champ  missing his last race.’ then everyone cheered and clapped and mcqueen turned down dinoco the race winner prize. he then gets the boss of the dinoco to get the blue helicopter to fly his friend the rusty tow truck, it was the tow trucks dream to do

  • five quallities a think of my friends. Funny, trustworthy,relyable,respectful and helpful there the things i think good friends  should have :)

           Brodie- brodie is an awesome best friend, hes funnny, sometimes helpful :), we hang out all the time at recess and lunch,he has  a good blog and i will insert a link to his blog that i think you should check out.

                                                                                                                  Brodies blog

Suggested blogs

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Hi, im just going to suggest some really good blogs from my class in hobart.

Amelias blog: this is a great blog even though it has not long ago been mde, i suggest this blog.

Lorettas blog: i suggest this blog because it has a lot of caracter. loretta has a glogster which is cool. 

brodies blog:brodie is my friend and he has a good blog, he likes entertainment and music. he talks about music a lot in his posts.

matts blog: matt is a smart boy in my class, he has a wide range of topics that include pokemon and other stuff.

coreys blog: i like coreys blog because its all about cars and motorbikes. this is for thyose who like cars.